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Nova Marine Co., Ltd Novatec Yachts
No.35, Lane 97, Da-Zhu N. Rd., LuChu Shan Tao,
Yuan County R.O.C.,
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Novatec C46
Length 14,32 m
Beam 4,57 m
Fuel 2268 lit.
Water 756 lit.

Novatec I48
Length 14,94 m
Beam 4,57 m
Fuel 2268 lit.
Water 757 lit.

Novatec E52
Length 16,15 m
Beam 4,62 m
Fuel 2268 lit.
Water 567 lit.

Novatec C56
Length 17,37 m
Beam 5,03 m
Fuel 3024 lit.
Water 757 lit.

Novatec E58
Length 17,68 m
Beam 4,62 m
Fuel 2268 lit.
Water 568 lit.

Novatec I60
Length 18,6 m
Beam 5,03 m
Fuel 2835 lit.
Water 757 lit.

Novatec S65
Length 19,74 m
Beam 0 m
Fuel 0 lit.
Water 0 lit.

Novatec S73
Length 22,25 m
Beam 0 m
Fuel 0 lit.
Water 0 lit.

Novatec E78
Length 24,08 m
Beam 5,64 m
Fuel 5670 lit.
Water 1258 lit.

Novatec E84
Length 25,6 m
Beam 5,9 m
Fuel 7560 lit.
Water 1512 lit.

* The MSRP, as well as specifications and features are subject to change without notice. All prices are manufacturer suggested retail prices and can vary dep. on market. Total price excludes tax, title, registration, license tag, transport, rigging and freight fees and charges, and is usually for a base model incl. engine but excluding trailer and options. (Photos may show optional equipment.) Please contact manufacturer for specifics.
Showing 1 - 10 of total 10 results Sort by:

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